Tress Way Jersey

First Take host Stephen A. Smith has had a few notable gaffes over the past couple of months, but a mistake he made on Tuesday morning had the Washington Redskins fan base laughing out loud.

During a segment where Stephen A. was discussing the Redskins quarterback situation, he listed off the names of those who had started games for Washington in 2018. While the Redskins did go through several signal callers, he accidentally added someone to the list who doesn’t even play quarterback.

Check out what happened here, courtesy of @JoeeWrightt on Twitter:

“You look at the Redskins last year,” said Stephen A. “They had five different quarterbacks — Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, they even got Mr. Butt Fumble himself Mark Sanchez and some guy named Tress Way actually started one game.”

Way is actually the Redskins punter, and he’s a very good one at that. He downed 41 punts inside the 20-yard line last year and was considered a Pro-Bowl snub.

Way completed one pass for seven yards in 2018, which came during the last game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles.
NBC Sports Washington decided to have Way on for an interview to see how his new life as a quarterback was going, and he found a way to have some fun with it.

“Here’s the deal, when you have a career QBR of 118.8, I don’t think you are ‘some guy,’ there needs to be some sort of respect in there,” joked Way. “Guys, it’s been a busy morning, Kyler Murray reached out to me about 45 minutes ago, he wants to pick my brain on what it’s like — you know the blitz packages and really that NFL experience of being a quarterback.”

In his five-year career, Way has completed each of his two passing attempts for a total of 38 yards.

“Put the rock in my hands, I’ll raise up the stands,” he said.
It’s good to see Way take all of this in stride. Maybe the Redskins should have let him have a few snaps under center last year with all of the trouble they had.