Shawn Lauvao Jersey

There are certain areas where investments are safer, and well-spent. For the Redskins, the offensive line constitutes such a place.

The offensive line serves as the foundation of any offense. No matter how advanced offensive schemes become, and no matter how many innovations come to pass in the modern age of football, one thing will always remain true: A good offensive line is one of the keys to a successful offense.
The Washington Redskins have seen this adage in action, as well as its converse. At its best, in recent years, the Redskins line has been one of the best in the NFL, capable of both maintaining a pocket in pass protection while mauling defenders downfield in run defense. At its worst, however, it’s served as a warning for what neglecting the unit, and its depth, can do to a team.

By both keeping Shawn Lauvao as a starter in 2018, and by brushing off the need for depth, the Redskins neglected their offensive line last offseason, and that can’t happen again in 2019. As we’ve witnessed with teams like the Colts and the Patriots, a good offensive line can be built in a number of ways; with first-round picks or without. But it is the essential groundwork for any offense, regardless.
So, what if the Redskins want to improve their offensive line in Round 1, and fill a pressing need at left guard? There are a few options to consider, one of which being North Carolina State offensive lineman Garrett Bradbury. What does he bring to the table?

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